Household Pets
Statistically only 5% of all cats are pedigreed. That means that
the other 95% are of mixed or unknown parentage! CFA refers
to this vast majority of feline friends as Household Pets.
Household pets come in a variety of colors and patterns, long
hair and short, large and small, extroverted and introverted. The
variety is endless. Sometimes cat owners will say their cat is,
"just a cat." But nothing can be further from the truth! Every cat
is unique. Each has its own beauty and personality. Each is
wonderful, funny, loving, smart, acrobatic, and cuddly.

Would you like to show the world just how special your kitty is?
If so, you might want to enter him/her in our Household Pet
competition. In this year's Household Pet class, your kitty will be
judged on his health, beauty and personality by eight (8) CFA
judges. Then each judge will pick his/her top ten HHPs to call
back for a final in which each will receive a beautiful rosette to
take home!

Click here for printable information to help you get started
showing your cat in Household Pet class.
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